Programs for Schools

Programs for Schools

Programs for Schools

Cindy brings an array of skills and services to any educational community, with Professional Development Training, Classroom visits, Performances, Residencies, and Diversity Awareness programs

  • Innovate and enliven your teaching with story skills View workshops
  • Strengthen narrative competency in your students
  • Build diversity awareness in your school community Learn more
  • Tell the story of your unique school

Professional Development

Stories reach diverse learners. How can you creatively integrate stories into your teaching?

  • Learn how to tell a story in your own way
  • Learn how to facilitate your students to tell stories
  • Gain confidence in your presentation skill

“I loved learning about various ways to tell stories in my classroom.  I love the idea of using my body and especially feeling the emotions of the characters. Your ideas and strategies will make the story telling more meaningful and fun.” – Educator, Newton, MA

Diversity Workshops

Cindy consults on how to build diversity awareness at your school, with trainings for staff and students, facilitated personal story sharing sessions and assistance in setting goals to build a safe environment of understanding human differences.

“Wednesday’s faculty meeting was among the most favorable and meaningful of any I’ve attended (maybe ever)… faculty members learned experientially to communicate with each other …every attendee was fully and authentically engaged – and the exercise touched on a deeply felt need among all of us.” – Faculty member, Gann Academy, Waltham, MA

Classroom Visitscrm_sch_fly

A visit with Cindy opens students’ eyes to the art of storytelling, with a demonstration and explanation of how one learns a story and makes it their own to tell.

“The students and I really enjoyed your visit. The storytelling was fabulous and your ideas and suggestions for our storytelling project were so helpful. It was great to work with you.” Librarian, Upham School, Wellesley, MA


Bring in a professional storyteller for an event at your school. View storytelling programs

Independent School Ambassadors

Cindy leads training for groups of parents, educators, and school staff and Boards of Directors or other organizational leaders, to learn how to craft stories of success that can be put to use in outreach, and for building organizational identity.

Learn more about Cindy’s Workshops for Educators

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