What is Stage Presence?

“What will she think of my performance?” I wondered as I stood backstage and spied my mother sitting in the 5th row back. She was not just an average proud parent in the school auditorium. My mother was an actress. I was used to sitting in the audience and watching her sing and dance on stage, and seeing plays that she had directed. Here I was, in my party dress, six years old, and about to … [Read more...]


I arrived at my 5th grade classroom one winter morning and saw unusual flowery script on the blackboard. In a stern voice, our teacher read aloud : “Proclamation: From this day forth, every assignment and test must be handed in with a "stamp." Stamps must be purchased with ten copies of the week's spelling list. Severe penalties if you do not comply. No exceptions. Signed, The Duchess of … [Read more...]

From Generation to Generation

https://vimeo.com/216693263 “The stereotype is that old people sit around and play bingo,” said a 6th grade participant at Temple Shir Tikvah’s intergenerational project in Winchester, MA. But hearing stories from real life experiences shed new light on those assumptions, and on current social issues. Over the course of the school year, kids and seniors met monthly. At one session they … [Read more...]

Journey to America

“Right away we made plans to go to America,” my Grandpa told me. “Your Grandma and I, we met, we fell in love. We wanted to go join our brothers in New York.” My grandparents, Markus Horowitz and Mania Alter, were born in Poland at the turn of the 20th century. Like many of their generation, they dreamt of immigrating to America, a land that offered more opportunity and less … [Read more...]

Close to Home: Family Stories

Grandma Jeanette and her sister Kitty were close in age and their good humored, wise cracking competition stretched well into adulthood. They both got married and pregnant with their first children in their early twenties and continued to live in the same Brooklyn neighborhood. Kitty’s baby was due three months before Jeanette’s. But Kitty’s due date came and went and nothing happened. Day … [Read more...]

Understanding the “Other” in Us

“Wait behind the line. One at a time,” the security guard cautions as my teenage daughter and I approach the check in for airport security. She is still a minor and does not yet have a driver’s license, so she is by my side as I step up to show my ID. “We are together,” I state loudly, my shoulders tense and my chin raised. The guard’s eyes dart from me to my daughter, his face shifting from … [Read more...]

Gathering Sparks

One night, on the new moon, the Ari led a group of his students out into the darkness. They carried no torch, and had only the stars to light the way. They walked until they came to a place and there they prayed. And as they swayed, it was as if they were rocked in a cradle of stars. Then there was silence, as profound as if it was the first day of creation. At midnight, the Ari spoke, revealing … [Read more...]

Listening Across Differences

“Try to be present and listen respectfully, with an open mind,” I suggest. I facilitate personal story sharing in schools and organizations with the aim of building understanding across human differences. I frame the session with guidelines, and by setting the intention of listening. “This is a time to listen to personal stories, to try to understand the reality of some members of your … [Read more...]

Frame Your Story

“How would you tell the story of what’s happening in this room?” I asked. “Depending on where you stand, you literally have a unique point of view.” I handed each person at my storytelling skills workshop a small rectangular cardboard frame. “Walk around the room and make choices about how you compose your shot,” I told them. “Step back to see a group of people, or get in close and focus on the … [Read more...]

Culture of Appreciation

"Time for appreciations is when the magic happens!” observed a high school faculty member following a personal story sharing session I designed. He was referring to a response technique that listeners use after hearing each other’s stories. Rather than engaging in debate, conversation or even asking questions, they are directed to comment on what specifically they found insightful, effective, or … [Read more...]

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